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ProSolar C1298EC-1 1.293"-1.332" Clear End Clamp 1 pc

by ProSolar

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ProSolar (Professional Solar) RoofTrac Roof Mounting

The clamping system consists of end clamps and mid clamps to attach the module frame to the RoofTrac® support rail. This fully integrated clamping system actually changes the structural properties of the aluminum channel making it significantly stronger. This design allows solar modules to be installed at a lower profile to the roof, providing a more aesthetically pleasing installation.

Module clamps are specifically designed, extruded and engineered for each specific module frame. Their innovative clamping system provides inward tension on the module frame securing the laminate in the frame. Channel nuts slide easily into position to hold the end clamps and mid clamps. 

  • Typically installed on residential sloped roof. RoofTrac® Tilt Kit or SolarWedge® used for residential flat roofs.
  • Each system engineered and load tested to 50 lb/sq. ft. , equivalent of 125 mph winds per 2007 CBC / 2006 IBC to ensure safety and quality
  • Spans 4 foot on center with 1-1/2" tall RoofTrac® rail, 6 foot on center with 2-1/2" tall RoofTrac® rail
  • Approx. 10 years of installer preferred design
  • The most cost effective and easy to install rail mounting system
  • Aluminum and Stainless Steel components for corrosion resistance and strength
  • Sleek, low profile design for great looking installs
  • Designed for use with ProSolar FastJack®or TileTrac® attachments.
Product Information
  • Manufacturer: ProSolar
  • Weight: 0.2lb
  • Material: Aluminum-ClearAnodizedFinish
  • Dimensions: 1in(length)×1in(width)×1in(height)
  • Application: PitchedRoof-Rail-Based
  • ProductType: EndClamp
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ProSolar C1298EC-1 1.293

ProSolar C1298EC-1 1.293"-1.332" Clear End Clamp 1 pc

by ProSolar

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